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March 29, 2013
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A small smirk graced your lips. Cloud? His name was Cloud? What an unusual name....... Your gaze jerked back up to the ma-,Cloud. He tried to move his upper body forward again, "a-AGH!" The mako male groaned. "St-stop moving, let me get some pain killers!" With that you proceeded to move from your seat to the desk in the secluded corner. Tearing open the disheveled drawers, your hand shot in, feeling around frantically for a small cylinder. Your (s/c) digits coiled themselves around a short tube, retracting your arm, you crossed the room back to Cloud's side. "Say ah" you commanded; his pale lips hesitantly parted, cobalt orbs watched the bottle curiously. Popping the lid, you slid out a shaded, jade herb; cautiously your fingers gently discarded the leaf onto his heated tongue, trying desperately not to brush the inside of the male's heated, muscular tavern. Que the next blush. "Don't move, you have a minor external flesh wound on you lower left waist." Cloud's eyes peered down to his bare abdomen, his right eyebrow raised, he gazed at you questioningly."I had to remove the shirt, it would have gotten in the way of me-" "I understand" he mumbled, orbs again taking interest in the snowy comforter. An ire-decent silence swireled into the encased dwelling, holding you and Cloud in its grasp.

*Cloud's P.O.V*
I watched (y/n)'s eyes scan my frame. Millions of questions coursed through my mind. The main; why was she helping me? A total stranger, saving me from the edge of death. Nursing me; why?

My bellowing lower abdomen broke the long streak of silence.

(Y/n) lips curved upwards into a small smirk of sorts.

"Hungry?" she questioned.
Nodding per cautiously, I watched her figure as she moved her way and step onto cherrywood floor panels.

"H-hey" I spoke almost mute.
"Mm?" Cocking her head slightly at me, eyebrows raised.
"T-thank you" I mumbled, cocooning into the sheets.
This is super late! I'm sorry!!
more will be up shortly! I know this sucks!
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