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March 22, 2013
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
Sighing slightly, you trudged down the long, crowded hallway at DWMA. It was one of the normal boring days, the only good thing was that you had no homework. 'Woot!'you thought silently to yourself. While you walked down the stairs, a hard shove knocked you down, eventually hitting your head hard on the ground.
"Mother fu-" another hard jab to the stomach, causing you to black out. 

-Kid's POV- 
My teacher was making us wait so long just to get out of class. 'Asymmetrical Bastard' I whispered to myself as I final walked out into the crowded hallway. Huffing to myself, I picked up my pace, the freaking dismissal bell would have rung long before now. Finally making it to the stairs, I noticed a familiar figure lying on the ground. 'The hell?' Walking closer to it, I instantly recognized the plastered frame; "(Y/N!)". I ran down the steep steps and couched beside her. She had a pretty bad bump on her head and a few bruises but nothing serious. I decided to take her to my place since I didn't know where she lived. Picking her up slowly, I walked out of school. Once at home, I place her carefully on the couch and got an ice pack for her head. She looked like she won,t wake up soon so I went up stairs to do my homework.

-Your POV-
Widening your (e/c) orbs, you groaned and felt a stab of pain come from your forehead; you felt a big bump on your noggin.
Surveying your blurred surroundings, you noticed that you weren't at your own house, but instead at the famous Death the Kid's house. 
"What the hell?" You whispered to yourself, Why were you here? Did he take you? You got up from the couch and decided to walk around and see what his house looked like. You were slightly freaked out at how symmetrical everything looked, nothing was out of place. A small shiver went down your spine, before an ivory embroded vase caught your attention. Making your way toward it, you tripped on the matted rug and fell on the table, breaking the vase.

-Kid's POV- 
I head a crash down stair and rushed out of my room. As I walked down the stairs, I saw (Y/N) picking up broken shards of that $10,000 vase dad bought. 
"NOOO! The asymmetrical-ness! Now it's garbage! GARBAGE!"

-Your POV-
You jumped out of your skin, thinking that he'll hate you for the rest of your life. 
Turning your head slightly, you caught a full view of 'pissed off' Kid. You shivered slightly, knowing some horrible punishment will probably come. 
"K-Kid?" You stuttered; but when you looked back at him, he was odly calm. 
You saw him smirking slightly, which scared you even more. He walked up to you, like a hunter stalking its prey. He grabbed your arm and pulled you to your feet. "Um, I-I'm really sorry about the vase! I will pay you back!" He looked at you and shook his head. "You don't need to. But I am going to have to punish you for breaking a $10,000 dollar vase." 'A-a ten th-thousand dollar vase?' You thought to yourself. You felt like you were gonna die, 'he must hate me'. But wait........ 

He was going to punish you, he said it himself. He dragged you into what look like a torture chamber. 
"K-K-Kid?" You whimpered, meeting his intense gaze. He pinned you forcefully agains the wall, forearms over your head.
"(Y/n......)" he cooed, eyes boring into yours.
"I have to punish you.... But how?" He smirked before lowering his head, nibbling lightly on your ear. You whimpered slightly, still shaking in fear. You never saw this part of Kid before.
Nuzzling his face against your cheek, letting out a low chuckle. You felt scared but yet excited as well, something felt like it was building up in you.
A warm moist sensation was felt on the side of your face.
.......He was LICKING you!! You tried to pull away but his grip held you in place.
One hand left the wall and cupped your chin, tilting your head upward.
You looked at him with fear in your eyes. His smirk grew and he kissed your lips softly. You were shocked, beyond belief.
 His tongue softly traced your lips ask for an entrance.
When you did not obey immediately, his hand trailed down to your right breast; squeezing it hard, making you moan quietly.
Smirking at the opportunity, his wet muscle darted into your mouth, licking circles around your tongue and mouth. You found it impossible to keep up, since you were lost in the moment. Finally moving to comply, your arms snaked around his neck, pushing the kiss deeper; Kid did something unexpected, he grabbed your wrists and forced them down to your sides again. "This is a punishment, not a reward." He said into the kiss. You heard a chain-like noise but decided to ignore it. When Kid finally broke the kiss, you were panting pretty hard, trying to catch your breath. Kid's hands slowly pushed your body to the ground, making you sit on the cold floor. He kissed your lips again but with more passion than before. While you were engrossed in kiss, you didn't notice the chains Kid held until you felt a metallic coldness on your wrists. Looking at the metal around your wrists, you looked at him with a puzzled expression. He smirked above you, before grabbing another chain-guard and chaining your ankles to the ground. You tried to break free before he locked them, but it was no use.
"K-Kid?" You stammered nervously. His smirk grew. He slipped himself swiftly behind you, and pulled you into his lap. He licked the back of your neck slowly, sending shivers down your spine. 
"I have a feeling you may enjoy this, (Y/n)" Kid stated huskily, before nibbling around your neck more, trying to find a sweet spot. This made you moan loudly, making him smirk in your neck, before biting softly. His hands sat firmly planted on your thighs, before one snaked up to the hem of your shirt, slipping inside and gliding up your stomach to your clothed breast. You melted into his touch; his slender fingers slipped under your bra before tweaking with your nipple. His calloused palm kneaded your breast, while his fingers rolled your rosy peak again. You were moaning like mad, arching your back slightly. 
"Say my name" he commanded. "K-Kid!" You moaned.
While one hand was working wonders on your breasts, his other slid down and into the waist-band of your shorts; middle finger teasingly rubbing your clit through panties.
"K-Kid!!" You screamed his name. You never felt like this before, and it felt damn good. He licked your cheek softly, quietly whispering your name.
With more abuse to your core, he quickly slipped a single finger into you, causing you to scream in pleasure. Thrusting his finger in and out of your core, you screamed and moaned louder and louder, sometimes encouraging to go faster. Smirking to himself, he added another finger; joining in a scissoring action. You felt something building up inside you but tried to ignore it. You felt your climax hit hard as you screamed his name. He smirked and pulled his fingers out. Rest your head against his shoulder panting hard, you blushed hard when he licked his fingers clean. His finger went back to where they were before and circled around your walls. Then he licked his finger again.
"You tasted good" He whispered in your ear. You were blushing like mad, your face almost turning white.
Letting out a small chuckle, he slipped out from behind you, kneeling in front. Uncuffing you from your chains, he picked you upped bridal-style; carrying you back into the living room, before up the stairs and into his room. You were to tired to stay awake any long and fell asleep in his arms. Sighing to himself, he slipped you under the comfertors, climbing in next to you. Smiling to himself, he stared at you; before kissing your forehead gently.
"Mine" He whispered, closing his eyes and pulling you close to him.
Death the Kid X Reader LEMON
By: ME & :icon464kiki:
It was a joint effort! Props to her "lemon skills!!"

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